Forum Title: Flush baseboard bonding issue
I'm getting a break in the bond of the drywall compound to a primed, kiln dried poplar 1x6 baseboard. The line of the joint between drywall and wood is holding, its about 1 below, where the mesh tape ends that a hair line crack is appearing. We primed the wood baseboard, whose top edge is back beveled. Below the crack the mud is sticking to the wood just fine. It appears that the mesh is serving to better connect the mud above the line to the drywall and there is a failure of the mud to sufficiently bond to the wood in this area. What should I have done besides prime the wood to get a better bond? I'm now becoming more familiar with the term bonding agent- is there something specific for wood? The house has a hydronic radiant heat system on top of the floor boards which we've been running continuously so there have not been any big temperature changes, but I wonder what I will be facing in six months time, when the relative humidity changes seasonally. Do you have any particular products to recommend? The client generally is wanting a low or no VOC product used through out the house so I'm hoping to find a solution that is not going to smell. Don't get me started on these modern details, but I know its a common architectural detail for which I need a solution. Thanks for the advice.
Category: Drywall Post By: SHARON WHITE (Jackson, TN), 02/13/2018

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